Leading innovations in midsize LPG vessels (20,000 – 46,000 m³)

EXMAR is leading shipping company with a prominent role in the midsize gas carrier segment; The company specializes in the transportation of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), ammonia, petrochemical gases, and other liquid gasses. The company owns and operates a one of the most modern fleet of midsize LPG vessels ranging from 20,000 to 46,000 cubic meters. These vessels are designed with energy-efficient hulls, advanced ballast water treatment and scrubber systems, dual fuel main engines (LPG/Ammonia) and have engines capable of being retrofitted to run on alternative fuels. EXMAR's commitment to innovation is evident in its fleet and is demostrated by it's continuous effort to progress with its customers and stakeholders.

EXMAR has lead the way in LPG midsize vessel innovations since it first designed and built the Tielrode at the Boelwerf yard in 1983, pioneering no less than 7 separate ship designs in this class over the last forty years. 

EXMAR has a long history of pioneering advancements in midsize LPG vessel designs, showcasing its expertise and leadership in the maritime industry.