EXMAR Shipping

EXMAR is a leading player in the transportation of liquefied gas products (liquid petroleum gas, butane, propane, anhydrous ammonia and chemical gases). The company services first-class customers active in the fertilizer, clean energy fuel and petrochemical industries across the globe. 

Over the last four decades, EXMAR's LPG Business Unit's focus on operational excellence and first-class technical performance for its clients has resulted in both contract extensions and additional joint business development.

EXMAR's LPG fleet is large enough to secure cargo commitments for both owned and time-chartered tonnage with a balanced mix of spot requirements, contracts of affreightment and time-charters. In order to build long-term relationships with the industry's most important players, many of the time charter agreements are made with medium to long-term coverage in mind. 

With innovative vessel designs to anticipate industry trends, the EXMAR LPG fleet is known to the principal global customers involved in global gas trades. Mutually beneficial collaboration over the long term is the basis of many of EXMAR's closest customer business relationships. 

EXMAR continually seeks ways to improve and increase its services to the gas industry, assuring the highest quality, reliability and safety standards. This includes innovations in its fleet, such as the possibility for its new vessels to operate using alternative fuels and the day-today technical management of its fleet using advanced techniques which optimise energy efficiency.