Health & Safety

EXMAR Ship Management strictly adheres to the International Safety Management Code. The company also has a Safety Management System based on the principles of continuous improvement in Occupational Health and Safety management to meet requirements of the OHSAS 18001 certification it received in 2012.

Taking the SAFETY LEAD

EXMAR Ship Management recognises that safety processes rely on the perceptions and the beliefs of the individual using them, which is it is vital to continuously develop a strong safety mindset.

In late 2013, EXMAR Ship Management launched an internal initiative called Taking the SAFETY LEAD which encompasses genuine improvements in all levels of Health and Safety management in practice. In the biggest company-wide programme ever about safety awareness, Taking the SAFETY LEAD is a two year programme throughout the fleet and across the worldwide network of EXMAR Ship Management offices.  

The development initiatives are based on an assessment made by an industry-leading safety consultancy on the company’s safety maturity, which analysed how well safety is managed and the consistency of the company in its approach towards safety.  

Following a fleet-wide internal awareness campaign with sessions taking place on board every ship in the fleet during 2014, feedback was received from both shore and sea staff themselves on areas they have identified themselves for improvement. In 2015 this feedback will now be followed up with extensive training on shore and at sea, focussing on increased awareness, knowledge sharing, and commitment to improved safety practices as well as a clearly defined safety performance programme to be incorporated even further into the performance appraisal process.