Decades of experience in designing and upgrading offshore assets

EXMAR Offshore emerged in the early nineties as owners and operators of a large drilling fleet as well as building its first DP-3 drilling semisubmersible.

Today, EXMAR Offshore still holds intellectual property rights to four MODU designs and one drill ship design, including a recently designed harsh-environment semisubmersible, as well as a Dry Tree Semisubmersible MOPU.

EOC has executed a number of client projects in recent years. This includes upgrading a semisubmersible multi-support and well intervention vessel, 3,500 foot and 5,000 foot depth upgrades for two rigs as well as performing a detailed reliability upgrade to a drill ship.

The latter project entailed a vessel survey with evaluation of and extensive modifications to the client-provided design following fatigue-and global-strength analyses. EXMAR Offshore also provided a demolition plan for removals, vessel general arrangement drawings, and structural scantlings for a new stern module, port and starboard sponsons housing, new azimuthing thrusters, and associated equipment. It also provided a plan to reinforce the main deck accommodations module, bow helideck, and deck crane, and supervised extensive electrical and mechanical system modifications.