In compliance with the Belgian corporate governance code EXMAR has established its Corporate Governance Charter.

The Corporate Governance Charter of EXMAR was approved by the Board of Directors on 31 March 2010 and has been updated by the Board of Directors on 2 September 2016.. This Charter also applies to all companies controlled by EXMAR. The Corporate Governance Charter contains a summary of the rules and principles that form the basis of EXMAR's corporate governance and is based on the provisions of EXMAR's articles of association, the Belgian Company Code, and the Belgian Corporate Governance Code of 2009.

In addition, EXMAR has published a statement update on governance in 2019:

Corporate Governance Statement 2019


EXMAR recognizes the need for clear policies, structures and procedures to ensure compliance with the globally applicable standards, laws and practices relating to corporate governance and to prevent breaches of compliance with the applicable legislation on competition, conflicts of interest, insider trading, financial statements fraud, fraud and corruption, health, safety, environment, information management and privacy.

Ethical Operational Code

EXMAR's Ethical Operational Code describes 'Our way of working'. The Code combines the values to which EXMAR attaches importance, and summarizes the rules and guidelines that must be complied with by everyone within EXMAR. These rules and guidelines relate to aspects including respect for people, respect for the law, respect for local practices, care for the environment, protection of confidential information, business resources and assets, and insider trading.

Insider trading

In connection with insider trading, a special dealing code has been drawn up and included in the Corporate Governance Charter as Appendix 3 to the Corporate Governance Charter. This Code summarizes the rules that must be observed in case of dealing with the Company's financial instruments. The dealing code is intended for members of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee members, managers and employees who have access to confidential, price-sensitive information.