We believe that education and knowledge-sharing enables communities and individuals to increase self-reliance.

As part of the actions aimed at leaving a positive impact on our communities, EXMAR and its affiliates have been and are supporting cultural or charitable associations. In granting financial assistance to such projects, EXMAR wishes to support individuals and organisations that are helping people in need, support cultural heritage programs and engage our staff with local communities.

  • EXMAR SHIPMANAGEMENT supports BEDNET, the charity organisation which permits children and young adults unable to leave their bedrooms to remotely follow classroom learning 
  • EXMAR also supports ZACHTE KRACHT vzw, a charity which offers support to youngsters between 12 en 21 years who suffer from physical or mental disabilities or grow up in troubled households
  • EXMAR Offshore supports the Gulf of Mexico Foundation. This Foundation promotes and facilitates the conservation of the health and productivity of the Gulf of Mexico and its resources by means of education, public awareness, research and leadership programmes
  • Sponsor of the Belgian National Maritime Museum
  • Sponsor of the Argonaut Dinner Gala of the Antwerp Maritime Academy 
  • Sponsor of the Royal Yacht Club of Belgium
  • KRH S. Michiel Challenge (= Challenge Yves Brasseur) 
  • Sponsor of various sports clubs