EXMAR is a major player in the industry with the effective expertise and track-record providing STS operations which have been developed in partnership with top industry players.

As global market demand for LNG expanded, EXMAR proactively foresaw the need to transfer LNG from the larger trading vessels to smaller LNG tonnage to effectively open up new markets where either draft or infrastructure limitations exist at receiving locations, especially in emerging markets. Following the world’s first commercial STS transfer of LNG in 2005 for its client in the Gulf of Mexico, EXMAR has led the market in successfully deploying its STS protocol with over 1250 transfers under its care.

Apart from managing the safe and reliable transshipment of LNG, EXMAR Ship Management has also provided guidance and support in related aspects ranging from STS site selection to effective management of the entire LNG logistics chain. The services delivered cover the complete project life, from business case till implementation of the STS solution:

Preparation phase

  • Site location evaluation
  • Feasibility & risk evaluation studies
  • Vessel evaluation and modification work (if required)
  • Developing STS manuals and specific protocols

Procurement phase

  • Equipment compatibility evaluation 
  • Equipment adjustment / redesign (if required)
  • Procurement services

Installation phase

  • On board installation, testing and confirmation of readiness
  • On board hands-on familiarization

Implementation phase

  • Ship staff training (basic and advanced training)
  • STS superintendency (on board)
  • Ship compatibility studies for STS
  • Mooring studies (Optimoor)
  • Risk assessment follow-up
  • Generic support operations planning & LNG supply chain management
For further information, please contact LNGinfrastructure [at] exmar.be