Sustainability - Corporate Social Responsibility

EXMAR endeavours to support sustainable growth by attaching the greatest importance to the quality and safety of its personnel, its fleet and its equipment, the health and well-being of its personnel and the protection of the environment.

Exmar considers compliance, respect for the environment and contribution to society as basic obligations of any company and every citizen. Beyond these basic obligations, Exmar tries to make durable choices in its business investments, not aiming at short term profit, but rather looking for long term shareholders value and shared value for all its stakeholders.

Exmar, as a major operator in the marine transportation and handling of LNG, LPG and Ammonia contributes to the development of environmental sustainability in a macro perspective. Indeed LNG and LPG are generally recognized as energy sources with considerable less environmental impact than traditional energy sources like coal and oil.

For Exmar CSR is not just about reducing the environmental footprint of the company, it is all about leaving a positive footprint for the societies in which Exmar is active. In doing so Exmar wishes to show to its shareholders and its partners that when teaming up with Exmar, we will create shared value!