EXMAR's people - our most valuable asset

EXMAR places great importance in developing the skills of staff located onshore. This applies as much to our commercial colleagues who secure projects and contracts for the company's ships and offshore assets as it does to our skilled architects, engineers who bring innovative designs to life and the staff who constantly improve ways of serving our customers.

A number of colleagues have worked across our various business units and earned senior expatriate positions in the Group based on exceptional performance both on shore and at sea. In our offices around the world you will find a very diverse mix of both young and upcoming talent as well as highly experienced staff with many different nationalities and backgrounds.

EXMAR offers concrete opportunities for its staff to further develop specific skills or more general and management skills at learning programs at universities around the world. Prior to their next career move at EXMAR, staff have been sponsored to participate in MBA and scholarship programmes as well as specialised courses.

EXMAR has also always invested in potential recruits through its cooperation with different academic institutions. EXMAR has opened its doors to students of the University of Leuven, University of Gent and University of Delft to participate in internships in several of its departments at its headquarters. Internships are also regularly offered to students at the EXMAR Offshore Company's offices in Houston.

Another example of EXMAR's investment in education is the participation of some of its senior personnel in tutoring courses at the University of Antwerp's Institute of Transport and Maritime Management and at the University of Delft in the Netherlands. A number of graduates from faculties at these Universities as well as others have joined EXMAR and are embarked on careers within the Group.